CODE-STAT™ 9.0 Data Review Software with Advanced CPR Analytics

New CODE-STAT 9.0 Data Review Software

On the scene of a medical emergency. In the hospital responding to a cardiac arrest. When lives are at stake, the speed and quality of the care you deliver is everything. But while you and your teams work to save lives, we know you’re also working to get better at what you do—to learn from your clinical and rescue experiences, improve response and protocols and discover how best to apply your training and expertise and make a difference for each patient whose future is in your hands.

But you need more than commitment alone to truly improve care. With guidelines placing even more emphasis on improving outcomes, data review has never been more critical to bringing best practices and measurable care improvement to both hospitals and EMS teams.

That’s why there’s CODE-STAT 9.0 from Physio-Control. The newest version of our innovative data review software is a simple, flexible and powerful tool for collecting and accessing patient and performance data. The result is unprecedented insight into the care you provide—and the opportunity to elevate that care across the entire resuscitation system.

CODE-STAT-9 Brochure

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