Information Management

The more information you have about a patient, the greater the insights you can use to positively impact long-term patient care. The LIFENET® System portfolio of advanced, proven tools and professional services spans the entire continuum of care. The LIFENET System offers adaptable solutions for your emergency department or emergency response teams. You can configure it to meet your present protocols, and work within varied clinical environments. The result-access to enhanced cardiac analysis, putting data right at your fingertips so you can get a faster read on your patient’s condition, as well as new insights you can use to enhance positive outcomes.

Physio-Control has spent over a decade designing and implementing cardiac data management tools for emergency response teams. We’ve listened to the needs of our users — EMS administrators, and medical directors at every stage of delivery, and also heard data analysis requests from hospital administrators. The result of our experience, research and real-world use is the LIFENET System — an integrated complete care portfolio that lets you take charge of every phase of your emergency response program.


The LIFENET® System is a comprehensive cloud-based platform that helps teams work more efficiently. Share critical patient data to help care teams reduce time-to-treatment for STEMI patients. Request a remote cardiology consult through the dedicated LIFENET Consult app. Rapidly distribute post-event review data to crews immediately after a code. Manage LIFEPAK device software and configuration fleet wide from a single website. The LIFENET System provides innovative tools to help teams work as efficiently as possible. LIFENET_Brochure_3307894_C

CODE-STAT™ 9.0 Data Review Software with Advanced CPR Analytics

A post-event review tool that annotates chest compressions onto the patient’s continuous ECG report and calculates CPR statistics such as compression rate and hands-off time. With flexible set-up and easy download from LIFEPAK® defibrillators, it allows you to create benchmarking and trending reports.                             CODE-STAT-9_Brochure_3309963_C

DT Express™ 4.0 software

For LIFEPAK devices not connected to the internet, DT EXPRESS™ Software provides a convenient way to download information from a LIFEPAK device directly to a computer so it can then be sent to CODE-STAT software via the internet. Because every hospital and EMS agency has different needs and requirements, the LIFENET System was designed for flexibility to adapt to your operations.

In partnership with PulsePoint

There is Power in your Community.  Activate it with PulsePoint and Physio-Control Implementation Services

Make your citizens part of the equation.

You know the difference early CPR and defibrillation can make in an SCA event. Fifty-seven percent of U.S. adults say they’ve had CPR training, and most would be willing to use CPR or an AED to help save a stranger’s life. Yet only 11% say they’ve used CPR in an actual emergency—that’s a number we can increase together.
How it works

When that emergency call comes in, your team will be ready. But what if someone  was already at the scene, applying lifesaving CPR and defibrillation until the EMS team arrived? With PulsePoint, your CAD system immediately alerts CPR-trained bystanders about a nearby SCA event through the free PulsePoint mobile app, and lets them know the location of the closest AED. PulsePoint Brochure

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