Marjorie’s Minutes

What’s on Marjorie’s Minutes

In these episodes of Marjorie’s Minutes, Marjorie discusses the benefits of the fully-automatic LIFEPAK CR Plus AED as well as how the LIFEPAK CR Plus has the fastest time to shock in comparison to the three other major AEDs in the marketplace, in addition, compatibility benefits between LIFEPAK CR Plus AEDs for bystander use and professional EMS LIFEPAK devices, which help to minimize treatment delays.

Marjorie also discusses the benefits of the SafeGuard Power battery system. Unlike AEDs that run off external batteries that degrade over time, the LIFEPAK CR Plus AED’s SafeGuard Power System offers a dual layer of security as the CHARGE-PAK battery charger keeps the internal battery at its optimum level during the life of the unit and  LIFEPAK CR Plus AED has the capacity to deliver a shock at 360 joules, the highest available power level in the industry.