Physio Control Lifepak 20


11141-000068 Rechargeable NiMH Battery 11140-000015 AC Power Cord 11110-000066 5-Wire ECG Cable 11110-000029 3-Lead ECG Cable 11100-000001 ECG Electrodes 11100-000002 ECG Electrodes 11240-000013 ECG Printer Paper 11130-000037 Hard Paddles 21300-005847 Electrode Gel 21300-005847 Electrode Gel 11131-000001 Internal Paddle Handles 11131-000010 Internal Paddles 11996-000091 Electrodes with QUIK-COMBO Connector 11996-000017 Electrodes w/REDI-PAK Pre-Connect System 11996-000090 Electrodes with QUIK-COMBO Connector 11996-000093 Pediatric Electrodes w/QUIK-COMBO Connector 11110-000040 Therapy Cable 11110-000052 Adapter Cable 11996-000092 Disposable Defibrillation/ECG Electrodes 11171-000024 Masimo SET - LNCS - Patient Cable 11171-000019 Disposable Sensor (Ad, 20/box) 11171-000028 Disposable Sensor (Neo, 20/box) 11171-000029 Disposable Sensor (Neo-Pre, 20-box) 11171-000017. Masimo SET LNCS Reusable Sensor 11171-000020 Disposable Sensor (Ped, 20-box) 11171-000006 Masimo SET LNOP Patient Cable 11171-000007 LNOP Reusable Sensor 11171-000011 LNOP Disposable Sensor (20/box) 11171-000012 Disposable Sensor (Ped, 20-box) 11171-000014 LNOP Disposable Sensor (Neo, 20/box) 11996-000060 Adult Reusable Sensor 11996-000061 Nellcor Reusable Sensor 11996-000113 Nellcor - Adult Disposable Sensor 11110-000042 Extension Cable 11996-000115 Nellcor - Infant Disposable Sensor 11996-000310 3-Lead Patient Simulator 11996-000311 12-Lead Patient Simulator 11250-000052 Reusable Training Electrodes 11101-000003 Replacement Training Electrodes 11998-000060 Defibrillator Checker 11230-000019 Configuration Cable (6ft)

Lifepak 20 is highly intuitive and easy for infrequent BLS-trained responders to quickly understand and use. Our proven Shock Advisory System™ guides the user with voice and visual prompts through each step, and advises giving a shock only if it’s needed.

As part of the Physio-Control Resuscitation Management System, Lifepak 20e meets all your defibrillator/monitor needs in a compact, affordable package. Designed specifically for crash cart use, it is simple yet powerful, and ready when you are. With features like capnography, a CPR metronome, and the ability to remotely send data to CODE-STAT, the LIFEPAK 20e with Code Management Module helps your hospital meet the demands of performance improvement and better prepare for tomorrow’s emergencies.