Physio Control Lifepak 12 AED


11160-000001 Reusable NIBP Cuff 11160-000002. Single Patient Use NIBP Cuff 11996-000125 NIBP Coiled Hose 11996-000033 NIBP Hose 11141-000106 7.2 Ah Li-ion Battery 11210-000002 Wall Mount Bracket for Battery Support System 2 11141-000149 rechargeable nickel-cadmium 11141-000028 Rechargeable 2.5 amp battery 11111-000020 12-Lead ECG Cable w/4-wire Limb Leads 11111-000022 ECG Cable - 6-Wire Attachment 11110-000029 3-Lead ECG Cable 11110-000066 5-Wire ECG Cable 11240-000016 ECG Printer Paper 11100-000002 LIFE-PATCH ECG Electrodes (4pk) 11100-000002 Adult pre-gelled electrodes 11240-000013 ECG Printer Paper 11130-000001 Adult Hard Paddles 21300-005847 Electrode Gel 21300-005847 Electrode Gel 11131-000010 Internal Paddles 11996-000091 Electrodes with QUIK-COMBO Connector 11996-000090 Electrodes with QUIK-COMBO Connector 11996-000017 Electrodes w/REDI-PAK Pre-Connect System 11996-000093 Pediatric Electrodes w/QUIK-COMBO Connector 11110-000040 Therapy Cable 11110-000052 Adapter Cable 11996-000092 Electrodes with FAST-PATCH Connector 11171-000024 Masimo SET - LNCS - Patient Cable 11171-000017 Reusable Sensor 11171-000019 Disposable Sensor (Ad, 20/box) 11171-000028 Disposable Sensor (Neo, 20/box) 11171-000029 Disposable Sensor (Neo-Pre, 20-box) 11171-000006 LNOP Patient Cable 11171-000007 LNOP Reusable Sensor 11171-000011 LNOP Disposable Sensor (20/box) 11171-000014 LNOP Disposable Sensor (Neo, 20/box) 11171-000054 Reusable Light Shield for Sensors 11171-000055 Disposable Light Shield for Sensors 11996-000060 Adult Reusable Sensor 11996-000061 Nellcor Reusable Sensor 11996-000113 Nellcor - Adult Disposable Sensor 11996-000115 Nellcor - Infant Disposable Sensor 11996-000080 FilterLine Ad/Ped 11996-000081 FilterLine Ad/Ped 11996-000163 Smart Capnoline 21330-001365 Test Load 11996-000310 3-Lead Patient Simulator 11996-000311 12-Lead Patient Simulator 11110-000183 Configuration Transfer Cable 11250-000052 Reusable Training Electrodes 11101-000003 Replacement Training Electrodes 11998-000060 Defibrillator Checker

The gold standard for more than 30 years, LIFEPAK products are continually evolving to keep pace with the changing nature of patient care. The LIFEPAK 12 defibrillator/monitor packs multiparameter therapeutic and diagnostic functions into a single, portable device.

Over 80,000 LIFEPAK 12 defibrillator/monitors are in use today on rescue rigs and in hospitals worldwide. Feedback from this global community keeps us innovating—adding features to help you in your lifesaving work.

Video of a LIFEPAK 12 defibrillator/monitor recovered from a North West Ambulance Service (UK) vehicle, which caught fire due to an electrical fault. The vehicle was a total loss, as was a majority of its contents. However, to the equipment manager’s surprise, the LP12 powered-up and operated normally when connected to a simulator, recognizing the rhythm, charging and delivering a shock. How’s that for LIFEPAK TOUGH?

LP12 Brochure        LIFEPAK12 Specification Sheet        LIFEPAK12 Operating Instructions