TrueCPR™ Coaching Device

Respond with TrueCPR Coaching Device from Physio-Control

TrueCPR helps your team optimize their manual CPR performance with the real-time feedback they need on the most critical resuscitation parameters. Created by Physio-Control, a leader in lifesaving technology for more than five decades, the TrueCPR coaching device can be used in conjunction with any brand defibrillator to measure actual chest compression depth. And, unlike accelerometer-based products which overestimate chest compression depth on compliant surfaces, TrueCPR™ Coaching Device is designed to optimize the quality and performance of manual CPR providing simple, accurate feedback to rescuers in both real time and after the event.

TrueCPR accurately measures compression depth on compliant surfaces and in moving vehicles using a unique technology called Triaxial Field Induction. delivers accurate CPR depth measurement through our proprietary Triaxial Field Induction (TFI) technology.

The result is a clearer picture of resuscitation performance—during compressions, after CPR, and in post-event review—and the power to help improve it for the future.

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