Strengthening the Chain of Survival means more than teaching people to how  use an AED. People need to know how to quickly recognize signs of SCA, start CPR right away, locate and use a defibrillator and then care for the victim until the Paramedics arrives.

Everyone who uses an AED should have CPR and AED training, which typically is a  four-hour course. However recent changes have removed the requirement for  certification “requirement” to a “recommendation” thereby allowing anyone with little or no training to use an AED.

Also 2010 Heart & Stroke Foundation changes to CPR which can be found on our web site have also changed from ABC to CAB “Compression, Airway, Breathing”. Finally “Hands Only” CPR has arrived.

AED Authority offers many courses, give us a call and we will direct you to our house course coordinators. We can arrange to have the class taught on-site by one of our many certified instructors.

Retraining should occur at least every two years, sooner if your equipment, policies or procedures change. Computer-based refresher training is a useful tool to keep skills sharp. Ask us how we can help.